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Woodland Cemetery

Angel on tombstone at Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Woodland Cemetery was officially dedicated on June 14, 1853. The city bought the land because they had out grown Erie St. Cemetery. It purchased the sixty acres from Benjamin Butler, President Andrew Jackson’ Attorney General. The trees felled were sold to provide funds for future improvements. Woodland Cemetery remained a staple in Cleveland throughout the late 1800’s.

Civil War

There are three Civil War monuments in the cemetery for the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the Grand Army of the Republic. The monument to the 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry is surrounded by four historic Robert Parrott Civil War cannons that were cast by the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY. Soldiers from the Civil War and the War of 1812 are buried together in one section near the center of the cemetery, noted by their government issued headstones.

The 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
The 7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monument

Famous Folks Buried there

The cemetery is the resting place for two Ohio governors, Reuben Wood and John Brough as well as four Cleveland Mayors, George Senter, John Farley, George Gardner and Robert Blee. Other notables include John Patterson Green (whom we highlighted this past February). Green has the first African American elected to the OH State Senate and known as the “Father of Labor Day”. Architect, Milton Dyer is also here. Dyer built Cleveland City Hall, the old Cleveland Athletic Club and the old Sterling & Welch (later Sterling & Lindner) Department Store, home to the famous Christmas Tree.

New Gatehouse

The original gatehouse was constructed in 1870. It was taken apart and removed in 1995/1996 with each of the stones being numbered and the deconstruction documented. In 2018, after money became available, the gatehouse was rebuilt with the original stone and cleaned. It was completed in October 2020.

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