Reviews - Tours of Cleveland, LLC


Below are are reviews from our guests who took one of our downtown Cleveland walking tours.

For even more reviews feel free to check us out on tripadvisor.


We were interviewed throughout  the morning show by Lindsay Buckingham all around Cleveland. This spot is from around 7:15 am on Mall A.

I speak on Matthew's podcast about the company, Cleveland's history including Millionaire's Row and the Arcade and great things around the city.

Sid Culkali of New Your Life interviews me for his "60 Seconds with Someone Like You" podcast.

Our Downtown Christmas Walking tours are highlighted in a great guide packed full of Christmas events not canceled by COVID.

Travel Editor, Susan Glaser of The Plain Dealer spent 24 hours in Cleveland and included our walking tour on her visit. We were happy to have her and see all the other great things she did downtown!

I joined host Annette Kramer on her podcast to talk about our walking tours as a fun and educational opportunity for Cleveland based interns to familiarize themselves with the city.

João and André's blog is about their travel experiences as independent travelers. They started a series looking at great places around the world told from an Insider's point of view. First up is Cleveland and us, Tours of Cleveland, LLC. 

I was the guest on The Cleveland Podcast talking about downtown Cleveland and our walking tours.

Journalist Jonathan Hatchman visited Cleveland and joined us on our Downtown Highlights walking tour. Tours of Cleveland, LLC leads the list of 10 best things to do in Cleveland!

I was featured in an interview series on entrepreneurs and the ups and downs of starting my own business.

Editor Ken Schneck took our Cleveland walking tour and included us in a feature dedicated to Cleveland LGBT owned small businesses. The article begins on page 15. 

Scene Magazine has taking a walking tour with Tours of Cleveland on their list. It is in no particular order but we are #30. 

Fresh Water online magazine interviewed me, the owner of Tours of Cleveland and my husband, the pastor of West Park United Church of Christ about moving to Cleveland two years ago and our experiences in the city.

Andrea Wien writes about the wonderful things to do in Cleveland during the Spring in a 48 hour trip and includes our walking tours as one of those fun things to do in the Land!