Holiday Walking Tour

Tours of Cleveland, LLC is offering the Holiday edition of our Downtown Highlights Walking Tour, an exciting and educational walking tour of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland with an addition of Cleveland Christmas history and fun thrown into the mix. This walking tour hits all the highlights of downtown in one great, two hour tour. […]

Castle Noel Part 2 – Window Displays

As we continue our look at Castle Noel in Medina, OH this post will focus on their window displays from NYC. The owner, Mark Klaus, has traveled to New York to take possession of department store window displays after the Christmas is over and bring them back to be featured at Castle Noel. Castle Noel’s […]

Comeback of the Burning River

In 1969 the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught on fire and earned Cleveland the nickname “Burning River City”. Ironically this was not the first time the river caught fire, it was the last. The first documented case of the river catching fire was in 1868! And the fires were a fairly regular occurrence. The industries […]

Letter from Lt. Dillard Firse

Today, is the 100 anniversary of the end of WWI. Cleveland’s newspaper, the Plain Dealer, published a letter from Army Lt. Dillard Firse (from Cleveland) 100 years ago describing the end of the war for him and the members of the all-black 336th Infantry Regiment while in France during the war. Lt. Dillard Firse’s letter […]

Spooky Cleveland – Indian Chief Joc-O-Sot

Spooky Cleveland – One of my favorite spooky Cleveland ghost stories involves, Sauk Indian Chief, Joc-O-Sot. He died in Cleveland in 1844 and is buried in Erie Street Cemetery. But rumor has it that he had wished to be buried closer to his birthplace (probably somewhere in current Minnesota or Wisconsin). His burial in Cleveland […]

Playhouse Square Symbols – Chandelier

The Playhouse Square chandelier is the most famous symbol of Playhouse Square today. It was first lit on May 2, 2014 in a grand celebration that included live performances, a marching band and fireworks, lots of fireworks! The Playhouse Square chandelier is the largest outdoor chandelier in the world. It is made up of 4,200 […]