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Franklin Circle Christian Church

Franklin Circle Christian Church in Cleveland Ohio.

Franklin Circle Christian Church was organized in 1842, making it one of the earliest Protestant churches on the west side. It was founded by the Disciples of Christ, a denomination that grew out of the Second Great Awakening and prospered here in Northeast Ohio. The congregation would build a church in 1848, often called “God’s Barn” because of how large and cavernous it was. But despite the size they would eventually out grow that space.

A Presidential Pastor

The Disciples of Christ would found the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, which would become Hiram College. James A. Garfield would attend as a student and later return as the President of the school. Garfield also was the pastor at Franklin Circle Christian Church in 1857. He, of course, would be elected President of the United States in 1881.

Current Home

The current home of Franklin Circle Christian Church opened in 1883 and was designed by Cuddell & Richardson. The interior of the church is finished with black walnut throughout. My guide from the church explained to me that some of the radiators in the sanctuary are “rifle boilers”, because it is said they were made out of old rifle barrels. The church still continues to be a welcoming part of the Ohio City neighborhood. They offer a clothing closet, free community breakfast twice a month and a weekly Women’s outreach center.


Inside the sanctuary today, looking toward the back
The organ and rose window at the front of the sanctuary
What is referred to as a “rifle boiler”
An entry in the financial records of the church showing payment to Pastor James A. Garfield
Some of the beautiful stained glass windows in the sanctuary
Some of the windows up in the balcony of the church portraying the Crucifixion and the Resurrection

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Contact Information for the Church

The Church is located at 1688 Fulton Road, Cleveland, OH 44113.

The phone number of the church is (216) 781-8232.

The Pastor is Rev. Richard Hinkelman.

Weekly service is on Sundays at 10:30 am in person or online.

Their website is