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Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Civil War Monument in Public Square

Since it is Veteran’s Day, I thought we would highlight the Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument. The monument was dedicated on July 4, 1894. It was built to honor the 9,000 Cuyahoga County residents who fought in the Civil War, of which about 1,000 died. It was designed by Clevelander and civil war veteran, Levi Schofield.

T The Soldiers & Sailors Monument is open most days to the public and is free to tour. Inside you can find the names of the 9,000 Cuyahoga soldiers inscribed in the walls. There are four large bronze reliefs depicting everyone from Lincoln to Grant to Custer and Garfield. Also you will find the women of the Soldiers Aid Society.

The statues on the outside of the monument show an African American fighting alongside white soldiers; this was one of the first monuments to show this. The depiction of the Calvary shows first hand the horrors of war with the only Confederate in the monument being shot at point blank range. The infantry statue shows several soldiers dead and many wounded, again recognizing the realism of the horrors of war.

Atop the column stands Lady Liberty (also Schofield’s wife Elizabeth, who modeled for the statue) and along the tower are the names of each of the battles that the residents of Cuyahoga fought in.

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