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Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Stager Beckwith Mansion in Cleveland

Recently I got to visit the Children’s Museum of Cleveland when our godson was in town. He is two and absolutely loved it. There are so many play rooms and types of activities to engage children. He especially loved the Wonder Lab, where he got to explore water in this scientific laboratory.

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is currently in the one of the four remaining mansions of Millionaire’s Row, the Stager Beckwith Mansion. In order to visit the museum you must be accompanying a child but on first Thursday of each month at 11 am they offer an adults only tour of the museum/house. I did this a little over a year ago and recommend it.

The house was originally built in 1866 by Aaron Stager. He worked for Western Union Telegraph and during his time in the Union Army developed the most effective secret code used in the Civil War. The second owner was Thomas Sterling Beckwith. he founded Beckwith, Sterling & Company, a store that sold rugs and home furnishings. This store is part of the history of famous Sterling Lindner department store.

In 1913, the house was converted in the University Club and many additions were added including a large ballroom. It would remain the University Club until 2003. The Children’s Museum would open here in 2017.

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A painting of the Stager Beckwith home