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Statues in Cleveland

Abe Lincoln in Cleveland

Public art is all around Cleveland whether its downtown or the Cultural Gardens there is no shortage of statues in Cleveland. Recently the good folks at Milano Monuments put together an article called the “25 Must See Statues of Cleveland”. It highlights everything from sports figures like Jesse Owens and Jim Brown, political figures like Abraham Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton to historical figures like Moses Cleaveland and Marie Curie.

How many of these statues have you seen in person? I have visited about 2/3 of those on their list.

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers exciting and educational walking tours of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland. Our Downtown Highlights walking tour currently visits the statues of Moses Cleaveland, Mayor Tom Johnson, the War Memorial Fountain, Abe Lincoln, the little patrons in the Reading Garden of the Cleveland Public Library and Security & Integrity outside the Federal Reserve. See our schedule and book your walking tour at