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The New 75 Public Square

Front view looking up of 75 Public Square

In September 2020, I got to tour 75 Public Square with Cleveland Construction Inc. as they were beginning to demo the building. I did a blog post back then talking about the building’s history and the work that they had begun in July 2020 to convert the old office building into an apartment building. Now that work is done and the building is open, I decided to revisit it. The staff there were generous enough to give me a great tour.


The basement, first and 15th floor feature amenities for the building. They have an indoor dog park in the basement. It is being painted by local artist, Patricia Ingram. She is incorporating the pictures of dogs and cats that belong to the folks that help get the project off the ground. It is still a work in progress but it is coming along nicely. They even have a beer tap and residents (21 and older) get two free beers a day! They plan on serving beers from local Cleveland breweries.

The mural under construction in the indoor dog park


75 Public Square contains 114 units on floors two -14. It features one and two bedroom apartments with cool and unique floor plans. They are available to rent now. Talk about a great location, the building is right in the heart of all that Cleveland has to offer. To learn more about renting an apartment in the historic building visit here.

A typical kitchen inside the apartments


I was surprised by how good the views were from all sides of the building. A couple of the apartments have balconies and from them can see, one of the four, Tiffany stained glass windows in the Old Stone Church. The views from the roof top terrace are great! You can see Terminal Tower, Public Square and the top of the Old Stone Church.

Up close with Tiffany at the Old Stone Church


The building has been transformed. At some point in the buildings history, the lobby had been covered over with dark wood paneling. As Cleveland Construction was renovating, they pulled that back and found the original white marble walls that lined the lobby. That is what is there today, giving it a very elegant and classy feel. I am so excited this building from 1915 has been repurposed.

The original white marble walls of the lobby

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Additional Photos

View from the rooftop terrace; you can see the top of steeple of the Old Stone Church
The interior of one of the apartments available for rent
The restored exterior of the front entrance