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Daniel French Statues

Statue of Commerce by Daniel French

Outside the Old U.S. Post Office, Customs House and Federal Courthouse building on Superior Ave at Public Square sit two statues by Daniel French. Daniel French (1850 – 1931) created over 250 sculptures and adornments for federal, municipal and private commissions in his lifetime. Probably his most famous work is the statue of Abraham Lincoln that sits inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Cleveland is the home to the two statues, Jurisprudence and Commerce. They were created in 1912 in the Beaux Arts style that was popular of the period. Jurisprudence sits upon a throne with a book in her hand titled LEX (Latin for Law). Commerce sits upon a throne holding a steamship in her hand and resting her arm upon the globe.

Statue of Jurisprudence by Daniel French in Cleveland