Marble Room

National City Bank Building Lobby today as the Marble Room

The Marble Room Steak House and Raw Bar is a restaurant that occupies the lobby of the old National City Bank Building on Euclid Ave in downtown Cleveland. This is not a review on the food but the space itself. National City Bank moved into the building in 1921 after Cleveland architects, Walker and Weeks redesigned the lobby. It was said to resemble a basilica. Tellers lined the “aisles”, surrounded by big, beautiful Corinthian columns. The “nave” was the central customer area. The president’s office featured a balcony that over looked the lobby. It was a “temple to commerce”.

As the Marble Room, the lobby has been reworked as the main dining room. The old check cashing tables are high-tops dining tables. The teller areas are small dining alcoves and the president’s office is the DJ area. Downstairs the vaults have been converted into private dining areas. It is a truly a magnificent space that is worth a visit!