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Fed’s Henry Hering Statues

Henry Hering's statues at the Fed in Cleveland

Henry Hering (1874 – 1949) has public art throughout Cleveland, including the Guardians of Traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge, work at Severance Hall and the Cleveland Federal Reserve. Today we look at the two statues the grace the main entrance to the Federal Reserve – Security and Integrity.

Security wears a crown of oak leaves (the highest honor in the Roman Empire). This crown would have been earned by protecting a fellow citizen from the enemy. Security protects the people from danger.

Integrity wears a crown of olives. This was the highest honor in the Olympics. It represents a truthful and honest triumph over one’s competitors.

Both of these Henry Hering statues had gun turrets in their bases during the late 1920’s and 1930’s to protect the Fed from gangsters. See these statues on our Downtown Highlights walking tours. To book, click here.