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Colors of Terminal Tower

One of the many colors of Terminal Tower

Like the Empire State Building in New York, downtown Cleveland’s Terminal Tower is bathed in color each night. Many nights it is red, white and blue – the colors in Cleveland’s city flag, the colors of the Indians and the country. But it has the ability to change and it does!

I have seen it be one solid color such as green for Earth Day or multiple colors like blue and white for Hanukkah or wine and gold for the Cavilers or the full rainbow for Pride. It is always a cool site to walk around downtown and catch a glimpse at the colors of Terminal Tower.

The tower was officially dedicated in 1930 and today stands at the second tallest building in Cleveland and the state of Ohio, coming in at 52 stories. The building features an observation deck on the 42nd floor, which is open on weekends at select times throughout the year. The observation deck provides a 360 degree view of the city!

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Terminal Tower in green
One of the colors of Terminal Tower last Christmas
Terminal Tower in multiple colors in the background