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Cleveland’s Urban Farm

Cleveland's Urban Farm

Did you know that in the heart of downtown Cleveland several chickens, pigs and goats all live on their own little farm? Of course back when Cleveland was founded in 1796, this would not be a surprise at all but I’m not talking about then, I’m talking about today. Let’s visit Cleveland’s urban farm!

Just outside the Huntington Convention Center windows and across from the railroads tracks and First Energy Stadium in downtown you will find the urban farm owned by Levy Restaurants. They are the food service providers for the convention center. The farm began with some bees that produced honey but has expanded to include pigs, chickens, goats and plants grown in raised beds.

The farm is part of the sustainability efforts by the convention center. The pigs help by eating some of the food scraps produced by convention center guests. The chickens produce about a quarter of the eggs used at the convention center. The 13 bee hives have produced over 2000 pounds of honey. Take a peek next time you are near the convention center.

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Some of the raised beds for vegetables and bee hives.