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Cleveland 2020

The Cleveland 2020 Photo Exhibit

The Cleveland Public Library this week, just opened their new exhibit called Cleveland 2020: A Photographic Exploration of Cleveland, in conjunction with the Cleveland Print Room. I was able to attend the grand opening on Monday afternoon (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). The exhibit is a celebration of Cleveland through photography.

Cleveland 2020 contains works from 25 amateur and professional photographers. Their mission was to capture the people, places, and the heart of our city. The collection consists of both color and black & white photography.

The photographs show individuals and place from all parts of Cleveland; it shows the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the pretty cool. Black, white, gay, straight, Catholic, Muslim – so many are represented in this exhibit. It captures people in their daily life and the neighborhoods they live in. I even found a photograph from my own neighborhood.

I highly recommend checking out the Cleveland 2020 exhibit. It is in Brett Hall, on the first floor of the Main Building of the Cleveland Public Library downtown.

Touring Downtown

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Some of the places around town shown in the exhibit
Folks enjoying opening night.