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The Arcades in Cleveland

All of our walking tours include a visit inside the Arcade in downtown Cleveland. But our Cleveland From the Inside walking tour also includes visits to the other two arcades in Cleveland, the Euclid and the Colonial. And no there are no video games in these arcades; they are indoor shopping malls. These three arcades were built between 1890 and 1911 and they are stunning!

The Arcade is the largest and oldest. It was modeled after a similar building in Milan, Italy. It is five stories tall and has 1,800 panes of glass in its skylight. The Euclid and Colonial Arcades are across the street and today are combined into one called the 5th Street Arcades.

Each has it own unique history and still after 100+ years are a part of downtown Cleveland’s scene. Visit all three on our Cleveland From the Inside walking tour or the next time you are downtown simply stroll through and check out all the wonderful, local, small businesses that call the Arcades in Cleveland home.

Inside The Arcade in downtown Cleveland