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Tours of Cleveland at Inter CLE by Global Cleveland

Cleveland is here because of the hard work of those many people who immigrated from outside the United States. Cleveland has very large German, Italian, Irish, Hungarian and Slovenian populations and these are just a few of the peoples who have made Cleveland their home throughout our history.

Cleveland continues to be a diverse city. Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending and sponsoring Inter CLE by Global Cleveland in downtown. International students from the area’s universities and colleges were in attendance. Tours of Cleveland had a table with many others groups and attractions from the city. The program included people like, Marcia Moreno, who moved from Chile and started her own company here in Cleveland as well as Greg Harris the President and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I met students from Albania, Venezuela, Guatemala, the Bahamas, Jordan, Tunisia, Japan, Uzbekistan and so many more! It was an amazing day! We gave away tickets for our walking tours. We congratulate Sajad who won them in our Cleveland trivia contest and Eduardo who won them in our Instagram drawing. To learn more about Global Cleveland visit their website at

Tours of Cleveland provides walking tours of downtown Cleveland. Get up close and personal with Cleveland on one of our tours! Explore and learn about the city’s amazing history. Visit to see our schedule and book your walking tour today.

Some of the many students from around the world.