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Playhouse Square Symbols – Retro Sign

Playhouse Square Sign

The Playhouse Square Retro Sign is one of the many symbols of Playhouse Square. As part of the dramatic transformation in 2014 of the neighborhood, the Playhouse Square retro sign was lit. It stands 44 feet tall, with 9 feet letters and 3 inch LED light bulbs. The sign is located on top of the Cowell and Hubbard building on the corner of Euclid Ave and E. 13th St.

The retro sign pays homage to the “stick-built” sign that used to stand on the top of the Keith Building (in which the Connor Palace theater is located in). The old sign was the largest electrical sign in the world at the time. When the Keith Building was opened in 1922 it was the tallest building in Cleveland at 21 stories. The sign sat up top the building until the the 1950’s.

Today the Playhouse Square retro sign even changes color based on holidays, sporting events or Playhouse Square events. It will be orange for Halloween and red, white & blue for Veteran’s Day for example. Visit Playhouse Square on our Downtown Highlights walking tours. Book here.