Inside the Cleveland Federal Reserve

Inside the Federal Reserve of Cleveland

We continue our look at some of the buildings to be featured on our Cleveland From the Inside walking tour; today we visit the Cleveland Federal Reserve. We go inside the lobby of the 1923 building. It is done in Italian marble, on the walls you’ll notice gold eagles to represent America and wheat that represent prosperity. There are two large maps in the lobby along with a mural that are original to the building.

The Fed is known for its the old vault underneath the lobby. The vault door, the largest in the world, is 5 1/2 feet thick and sits on a hinge that stands 19 feet tall. The door weighs over 100 tons! The vault itself is the size of a collegiate basketball court.

Check out the lobby of Federal Reserve on our new Cleveland From the Inside walking tour! This tour is on Monday’s at 1:00 pm.