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Higbees Window Displays

Christmas Window Display in Cleveland

Cleveland’s downtown department stores, Halle’s, Sterling Linder, the May Company and of course Higbees, were always know for their Christmas window displays. Planning for the Holiday window displays would begin as early as March and the stores went all out. The Higbees window displays were even featured in the movie A Christmas Story

Higbees (bought out by Dillards) was the last of the downtown department stores to close in 2002. Today the old Higbee’s building is the Jack Casino. Each year Jack pays tribute to the buildings history with Christmas window displays. This year the displays are done by various businesses and groups around town, like Destination Cleveland, Castle Noel, the Christmas Story House and the Rock Hall. Take a look into Cleveland’s past by visiting the Higbees window displays today.

One of the many Higbee Window Displays for the Holidays
Tree in one of the Higbees Window Display covered in oven mitts.