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Haserot Angel

Lake View Cemetery Weeping Angel

One of the more famous graves in Lake View Cemetery is the Haserot Angel, actually named “The Angel of Death Victorious.” The life-size bronze angel holds an extinguished torch upside-down. Her wings are outstretched and she gazes straight ahead as she sits over the graves of Francis Henry Haserot and family. The Haseort Angel’s most striking feature is how she appears to be weeping black tears. These “tears” formed over time, an effect of the aging bronze.

But who is Haserot? Francis Henry Haserot was a businessman. His family emigrated from Germany in the 1830’s and settled in Cleveland. Much of his business focused on canning as well as the importing and distribution of foods such as coffee and tea, pineapples and fruits from the Pacific coast. The Haserot Company is one of the largest operators in red sour cherries and the company still exists today.

The Haserot Angel is located in Section 9 of the cemetery.

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Francis Henry Haserot