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Crawford Auto Aviation Museum

One of the autos at the Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland

Cleveland was home to over 100 automobile makers in the early 1900’s and Cleveland was considered the automobile capital of the world at that time. Most of those car makers no longer exist, names such as Peerless, Chandler and White. But all is not lost, as part of the Cleveland History Center you can visit the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum.

At the auto museum you will find not only the car brands mentioned but a ton of others. The Crawford Auto-Aviation Collection includes over 170 antique automobiles, as well as motorcycles, bicycles, boats, aircraft, and even carriages and sleighs. You can also find automobile brochures, owner’s manuals, and car advertisements as well.

Because it is a part of the Cleveland History Center you also get to explore all the center has to offer including a wonderful exhibit on the history of Cleveland, all with your admission. A ride on the old Euclid Beach Carousel housed at the museum is included!

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One of the cars at the Crawford Auto Museum