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The World of Puppets

Clevleand Public Library hosts World of Puppets

Currently in the Brett Memorial Hall of the Cleveland Public Library in downtown Cleveland is the exhibit – The World of Puppets: From Stage to Screen. The exhibit looks at the history of puppets from around the world. The art of puppetry began before recorded history.

The exhibit features some famous puppets like Oscar the Grouch in his trashcan, Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, and Nutso and Shirley from Cleveland’s own Hickory Hideout. There are many larger than life sized puppets as well.

The World of Puppets is part of the 150 year anniversary celebration for the Cleveland Public Library, which began in 1869. The exhibit is set to run through November 30, 2019 and is free to visit.

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One of the larger than life puppets at the library.