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Proof Photography Exhibit

The Cleveland Museum of Art is home to so many amazing collections and special exhibits. Back in late February I went to the museum to see the PROOF: Photography in the Era of the Contact Sheet. I had written a blog post a couple weeks later but then never shared it. So here it is!

The Proof exhibit features over 180 works. Back before digital photography and Instagram (what?), film was printed onto a contact sheet. Each sheet had 12 exposures on it and the photographer could review and pick out the best ones. Some of my favorites sheets on display in the exhibit were the ones of Marilyn Monore, the Beatles, Salvador Dali and Sean Connery.

Cleveland Museum of Art

One of the great things about the Cleveland Museum of Art, is it is free! “For the benefit of all the people forever.” We are very lucky to have such an amazing art museum here in Cleveland. Currently you can visit the museum online and check out their great works.

Walking Tours of Downtown

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers exciting and educational walking tours of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland. Our Cleveland From the Inside tour includes a visit the Cleveland Public Library which also features a cool photography exhibit all about the people of Cleveland!

One of the many contact sheets featuring Marilyn Monroe.
The brilliance of Salvador Dali