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Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square at Christmas

Another organization that I would like to thank as part of our Thanksgiving series for those businesses that support and work with Tours of Cleveland, LLC is Playhouse Square (PHS). This is another stop on all of our walking tours, the Downtown Highlights, Cleveland From the Inside and of course our Christmas tours which start this Saturday, November 30!

The folks at PHS have been so great to work with, especially Megan. Thank you all for allowing us to come in and take a look at some of Cleveland’s greatest treasures! Most of our older theaters were opened in 1921. Each has its own unique style, charm and history. You name the actor, musician or comedian and chances are they have performed on one of our stages here at PHS.

The Christmas edition of the Downtown Highlights tour ends in the historic lobby of the Allen theater which is currently decorated for the Festival of Trees (more on that in an upcoming post). Thank you again to Playhouse Square!

Tours of Cleveland, LLC offers exciting and educational walking tours of beautiful and historic downtown Cleveland. As mentioned all of our walking tours visit the lobbies of the theaters in Playhouse Square but our Cleveland From the Inside tour also includes access to one of the theaters themselves. See our schedule and book your walking tour at

One of the many themed trees part of the Festival of Trees this year in the Allen.