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Cleveland Brewery Passport – Volume 2

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We’ve been talking a lot about baseball this week and what goes with baseball? How about an ice cold beer! If you like beer, Cleveland is the city for you. Cleveland is said to rank fourth in the nation in craft beer production! To celebrate, Destination Cleveland has launched Volume 2 of their Cleveland Brewery Passport this July.

The Brewery Passport contains information on 34 local breweries in and around Cleveland. When you make a purchase at one of these breweries, you get a stamp for your passport. The more stamps you get, the more prizes you can win, including Cleveland branded coasters, a Cleveland branded pint class and a Brewery Passport T-shirt.

Whether you are in Ohio City at Great Lakes Brewing Company or Saucy Brew Works, downtown at Masthead Brewing Co. or Middleburg Heights at Fat Head’s Brewery or any of the other 30 breweries in the Cleveland metro area, try a pint and get your Cleveland Brewery Passport stamped. You can get your passport at anyone of the participating breweries in the area or the Visitor’s Center downtown on Euclid Ave.

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