Ohio City’s West Side Market

The West Side Market in Ohio City

Today we look at the West Side Market in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest publicly owned market, tracing it’s origins back to 1840. It started as an open air marketplace on land donated by Ohio City residents Josiah Barber and Richard Lord.

The yellow brick markethouse is the centerpiece of the market. It was designed by the architects Benjamin Hubbel and W. Dominick Benes. They also designed the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Wade Memorial Chapel in Lake View Cemetery. The markethouse opened back in 1912 and includes a 137 foot clock tower on the corner of W. 25th St and Lorain Ave.

The market is a must see in Cleveland! Our next post will take a look at all the wonderful foods you can purchase at the West Side Market.

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Inside the markethouse of the West Side Market