Mr. Jingeling

Mr. Jingeling in Cleveland

Mr. Jingeling is a Cleveland tradition dating back to the late 1950’s. He was originally thought up by an advertising firm for the Halle’s department store; he presided over their “Treasure House of Toys”. Mr. Jingeling was Santa’s major domo and was known as the keeper of the keys to all the rooms in Santa’s house including the candy closest, the doll nursery and the train room. It was rumored that he even had the keys to Davey Jones’ locker and Pandora’s box.

In his green and gold suit, Cleveland kids would flock to get their good luck cardboard key from him every Christmas at Halle’s.  He still lives on today. In fact you can visit his Facebook page and see a schedule of appearances he will be making in the Cleveland area throughout the holiday season!

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Cardboard Key from Halle's Mr. Jingeling
Good Luck Key given by Mr. Jingeling