Letter from Lt. Dillard Firse

Lt. Dillard Jesse Firse of Cleveland

Today, is the 100 anniversary of the end of WWI. Cleveland’s newspaper, the Plain Dealer, published a letter from Army Lt. Dillard Firse (from Cleveland) 100 years ago describing the end of the war for him and the members of the all-black 336th Infantry Regiment while in France during the war. Lt. Dillard Firse’s letter is once again published in the Plain Dealer today. I encourage you to take a few moments and read the letter.

Here is a small excerpt…

“Tonight something seems wrong. The silence is almost uncanny. Not a shot, not even a single shell. Very faintly we can hear the mellow tones of the church bell in the little French town on the hill far to our rear. All day long is has been singing its song of joy and thanksgiving. It seems symbolical of the heart of France which, today, is ringing.”

Thank you to all those who served.