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Kent State LGBTQ+ Kickoff

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the LGBTQ+ Kickoff at Kent State University (KSU). This event was open to students in the LGBTQ+ community welcoming them to KSU as they kick off the Fall semester. There were over 30 organizations attending including various campus resources, the KSU police department, several local churches and us!

We offered a special discount on our walking tours good for the school year and had several opportunities for students to win free tickets. John H. won tickets through our Instagram contest and Hanna O. won tickets through our Cleveland Trivia contest! Congratulations to them both. Thanks for the LGBTQ Student Center and their Director, Ken Ditlevson for inviting us to participate in the Kent State LGBTQ+ Kickoff. It was a fun afternoon.

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Well attended Fall semester Kickoff
All are welcome!